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Who In The World Is The Jobinator?

Good afternoon. My name is The Jobinator. That is my real name. It is not fake.

I’m a superhero who, by day, saves teenagers from lame jobs. By night, I predict the future, namely which jobs will be the hottest. See my current picks.

I’ve been at this for quite some time. I love it. It’s a great job. And yes, even though I’m a superhero, I have a boss.

That boss is The Orchard Foundation, the organization behind the Cenla Work Ready Network, Career Ready 101, and the ACT WorkKeys assessment.

Our mission is three-fold:
  • Prepare high school students to land awesome jobs.
  • Provide your high school with the tools you'll need to prepare for an awesome job.
  • Work with employers to help them find the work-ready employees they need.

Talk to your school's Jobinator contact. Why not do that right now?

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“Be sure you have the skills to pay your bills.”
- Jobinator