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How to Prepare for an Awesome Job

There’s nothing worse than working through high school only to graduate and then get a lame job, right?

Wouldn’t you prefer to get a job that you love and that pays a lot?

But did you know that you can’t get those jobs unless you are prepared?

Fortunately there's a program for Cenla high school students, called the Cenla Work Ready Network, that can help you...

  • Discover how good you are at three essential work ready skills.
  • Learn how to improve these skills.
  • Earn a nationally recognized certificate that demonstrates to employers you are ready to work.

You can talk to your school’s Jobinator contact to find out how to prepare through Career Ready 101, take the ACT WorkKeys assessment and earn your Work Ready Certificate.

Do it now.

Your future after high school depends on it.
“Have you talked to my secret contact at your school about taking Career Ready 101? No? Hello. What are you waiting for? ”
- Jobinator